Recruitment Firm Expands Into China

A UK-based recruitment firm has announced that it has expanded its recruitment capabilities into China.

Head Medical, which is based in Edinburgh – and has successfully placed doctors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Gulf region as well as international doctors into the UK – will be working with an award-winning international healthcare provider in China to recruit doctors for its hospitals and clinics in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

As the demand for international standard healthcare increases in China, Head Medical will help to provide English-speaking doctors to service the ex-pat community, as well as wealthier Chinese individuals who are looking for private healthcare services of an internationally accredited standard.

Head Medical has a long-term contract in place with this healthcare company to provide full workforce planning services to help accommodate their ongoing expansion plans, including their recently opened new hospitals in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Those interested in a move east are not required to speak any of the Chinese language dialects and can use their western qualifications to practice in the region.

Jim Godsal, managing director at Head Medical commented: “The reform of medicine along with changes to healthcare insurance in China has opened up the opportunity for western medicine to be practiced.

“China is a strong market with lots of potential in healthcare because of increased investment.  As such, it holds a different sort of appeal for doctors. While Australia offers sun and a complete lifestyle overhaul; the Middle East provides the ex-pat life and tax-free earnings; China offers a more adventurous and unique healthcare experience.  Any western doctors wanting to make the move to China will be part of the process to establish a growing a private healthcare system.”


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